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We provide full lifecycle DevOps management. This includes management, technical, and daily operations.

Managed DevOps

What Is Managed DevOps?

Managed DevOps is where we take on the technical and management responsibilities that would normally be handled by your in-house talent. We take on the responsibility of your platforms and technical operations so you can focus on the other aspects of running your business.

What We Manage

Pur managed DevOps service is “Full Scope,” which means that we handle the following items:

  • Management of your hosting environment
  • Deployment of changes from development to production
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Logging and metrics collection
  • Development support
  • Issue remediation

Why Do I Need Managed DevOps?

There are several reasons that you would want to outsource your DevOps or Digital Transformation initiatives. Here are a few reasons that you would want to hire us:

Your Developers Use Legacy Application Development And Hosting Methodology

It takes an average of 18 months to go from 0 to DevOps for an existing business that is using a legacy stack. A legacy stack is what many would refer to as a “traditional” hosting architecture. This is where you would run your application on a dedicated server or a “VPS” at a commodity web hosting provider. These sorts of technologies do not scale and are for use cases that don’t require the highest availability and performance. These types of architectures don’t scale very well and are a hindrance to DevOps initiatives. Many developers in the industry today are still sending code to these legacy environments manually. This could sometimes mean downtime when you deploy changes to your software. These developers that operate in this way will require time to understand next-generation paradigms like Terraform, Kubernetes, or Docker.

Your Company Is Resource Constrained

Hiring a DevOps engineer to help you undergo your digital transformation can cost a small fortune. The average salary of a DevOps engineer in the United States is $125,000/year, not including benefits or fringe compensation. DevOps is a highly sought-after job title here in North America and as such, comes at a premium price. This is a huge ask for a company that has to make the transition to modern-day digital paradigms, while also trying to be fiscally responsible.

Your Company Has Good Technical Talent But Needs Them To Focus On Other Technical Things

Oftentimes, technical talent within an organization will have to wear multiple hats. Some of your technical people might be developers, some of them might focus on specific implementation tasks. DevOps as we know it today is a huge ask when your technical professionals are busy managing line-of-business applications or supporting customers. Bringing us on board to handle your transition to DevOps, or daily operations of an existing setup makes sense.

Your Company Needs To Train DevOps Engineers And Implement A Digital Transformation At The Same Time

Many organizations will send their employees to get trained on modern DevOps, Agile or Cloud-related technologies, then expect them to implement those things. That lack of seasoned experience can cost your company dearly in reliability issues and resource inefficiency. Bringing us on board to implement your digital vision while mentoring your internal technical talent is an all-around win, and something that we do often with clients who want to retain an in-house DevOps role.

How Much Are Managed DevOps Services?

Here is a table of our current pricing for Managed DevOps Services:

Monthly Price What’s Included?
$3,000 (1) dedicated Senior DevOps Engineer
$6,200 (2) Senior DevOps Engineers
$9,500 (3) Senior Devops Engineers, plus 2 Junior devOps Engineers to augment the senior level engineers

All our plans include:

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Email Support
  • Business Hours Phone Support
  • 1 hour first-touch response SLA
  • CI/CD pipeline management
  • Deployment Automation
  • APM Monitoring

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