When it comes to building out your cloud – you have lots of options on the internet. We wot with 3 cloud providers here, They are OVH, DigitalOcean and Amazon Web Services (AWS). You will read all kinds of articles why AWS is the best choice, or why you should go with, say, DigitalOcean or Heroku. Here are 3 reasons why you should choose DigitalOcean over AWS.

Choosing Between DigitalOcean And AWS Is Simpler Than You Think.

DigitalOcean is Simple and Powerful

AWS has a monster sized contact surface on the internet, and the toolset that AWS offers is massive. Amazon has many certification paths you can take, which boast multiple exams and thousands of questions. If you don’t know what you are doing, AWS is by far the worst place you could start, unless you are working with someone certified on the platform.

By contrast, DigitalOcean is simple, friendly and approachable. You are not accosted by 1,000’s of different tools in the admin console. It is simple, wizard driven, and has lots of helpful tips everywhere. When your project starts to get more complicated, or grows, there is an API and CLI just like AWS that you can hook up into your DevOps toolchain. You are not faced down with everything, rather, you are gently guided down the path of least technical resistance.

DigitalOcean Is A Friendly Community

DigitalOcean’s community is geared for people who are just starting to get their apps off the ground. In contrast, the AWS developer community tends to be comprised of people that operate at a much higher technical level due to the complexity of AWS’s platform, and as such can be less approachable.

Support Included

Support is included with DigitalOcean. Amazon Web Services, on the other hand, does not include support right off the bat. If something breaks, you are on the hook to fix it yourself. You can buy support extra, but it starts at $500/month and increases based on the level that you would need to engage Amazon. DigitalOcean offers support with their full product line and is very responsive.


If you are an established technical organization and you need a ton of power, or are looking to get into things like machine learning and AI – then AWS might be the better choice, but when it comes to general “just get my site up and keep it working” workloads, DigitalOcean is the ideal choice.